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Pharmarack is driven by its mission to solve the problem of timely access and availability of healthcare products. With our partners, we are enabling a tech-driven, effective and efficient healthcare system.
We are committed to harnessing and accelerating change, to create a real impact on the healthcare system. We aim to be the singular, all pervasive technology platform that digitizes pharma business operations ensuring access to the last mile!
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About Us

Pharmarack is India's largest integrated healthcare technology platform - combining SaaS Solutions, Delivery Enablement, Financing Solutions, Market Access, Analytics Solutions and Digital Solutions.
At the core of the platform, Pharmarack automates entire supply chain by order tracking at various levels - between manufacturers and distributors and between distributors and retailers.
About Us
By the virtue of this digital intervention, Pharmarack has the ability to transform organizations - knitting together proprietary technology and leveraging insights from multiple systems fed into advanced algorithms that fuel analytics for better business decisions to translate into better healthcare!

Defined by our people

The Founders
The Founders
Amit Backliwal
Amit Backliwal

CEO & Co-Founder

With over 20 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, pharmacy chains, consulting, technology and data analytics, Amit offers a unique blend of strategic vision, business acumen and regional team-building! He is a vehement believer in the power of big data and insight mining.
Pradyumn Singh

COO & Co-founder

With over 15 years of experience across various functions like business lead, marketing, structuring, strategy & operations in debt market & asset management sector, Pradyumn brings a penchant for problem solving. He takes a keen interest in technology, automation and networks that solve real world challenges!
Pradyumn Singh
Pradyumn Singh
COO & Co-founder
With over 15 yrs of experience across various functions like Business lead, Marketing, Structuring, Strategy & operations in Debt market & Asset management sector, Pradyumn is problem solver. He takes a keen interest in technology, automation and networks that solve real world challenges!!

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From Our People

Employee Employee
The culture at PR is infectious. Blessed with a young dynamic super energetic team (PR family), everyone is passionate towards the company's vision and mission. Here it's not a mere 9-6 job but an opportunity for everyone to learn, earn and move up the ladder exponentially fast and most importantly creating impact! Each minute spent here is fun, exciting, challenging but a rich learning experience.

Our Values

Our Values
Customer First,
Customer service is not a department at Pharmarack, it’s everyone’s job to take care of our customers and partners.
Our Values
Compliance is not
Laws are not meant to be broken, instead, are to be followed to the T.
Our Values
Be Passionate
Either you have it or you don’t. We are driven by our passion towards our mission – united we stand!
Our Values
Integrity Before
We choose courage before comfort, right before easy and values before successes.
Our Values
Driven to
Oh well, what’s a great idea that doesn’t see the light of the day? Execution of ideas drives us!
Our Values
Make a positive impact
on people's lives
Together, we are enabling a technology driven, more effective and efficient healthcare system that transforms business and patient outcomes for better.
Our Values
Ethical Business
We strongly believe that unethical business is significantly costly in the long run. It’s doesn’t make business sense now, does it?


Current Openings

At Pharmarack, we don't work like it's our job, we work as if lives depend on it. And trust us, they do!
We're looking for people who are as passionate about healthcare as we are, as excited about new age business models, those who are not afraid to take risks, those who will never compromise on their integrity and those who are in this for the larger impact on the world.
If you think you could be one of us, apply now
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